What i think about 2012

In these days I have reported many articles on this blog about the 2012 and the end of the world’s collective obsession. Together with you I got an idea about this topic, very interesting and irresistible for each of us. It is from here that want to start my reflection for each of us this is an important topic, because it concerns us, our family, our relatives, people who are dear to us, all we have, the more macroscopic “our planet”.Only such an important subject can affect and attract the world’s population, including the least superstitious, has continually seek information to want to know. It is from these topics unknown to most people who start campaigns gain and corporate marketing. In fact just thinking about movies or books about 2012, that each of us has seen or read CORRECTLY, because affect us personally. Or simply have a link on the Internet that take us from page to page, site to site, from item to item, all source of income for someone. Well I think that this gain is only and exclusively lucre, because the people most sensitive to the strongest people, you expect a reaction to the fear created in the internet, on television or just heard about.I believe therefore, that the gain at the expense of the people, afraid that seek to know, is solely profit. I say all this because I see and hear that many people are frightened of the year that has just begun, especially children. I conclude by looking at the subject from a scientific point of view and not emotional, although I think the articles have already been more than exhaustive. This great fear was created by taking many natural phenomena that may occur, including alignment of the planets, reversal of magnetic fields and so on (all natural phenomena and as already said safe for humanity). By making use of all on the same day. One thing  absurd, impossible and insane.

I wish you all a wonderful year and I would add that life and the whole universe is a set of reactions so perfect and harmonious that it is impossible that something could go wrong.

HAPPY NEW YEAR,             D.F.

p.s: sorry for my english!!!


4 thoughts on “What i think about 2012

  1. “life and the whole universe is a set of reactions so perfect and harmonious that it is impossible that something could go wrong.”

    Maybe dinosaurs could have something to say about it. The only thing we really know is that earth is not the only thing in the universe, and maybe something that is right for the universe could be not that right for the earth, or specifically for humanity.

    You speak about having faith. Then don’t speak about “scientific point of view”.

    • i think that there isn’t faith in that i sayed. In fact, I reported all the scientific information needed to explain the phenomena, and only after that I put my point of view that is not spiritual. I think everyone after reading the various articles on the phenomena that should lead to the end of the world, must be able to draw their own conclusions. My intention when I wrote this page was just to explain scientifically what are those natural phenomena that everyone talks about and from this the reader must draw his own conclusions. Also in my final thought, I also spoke to profit. I say this just was not my intention to call upon the spirituality of everyone and I apologize if what I have done suggests this.

      Sorry again, Davide Foresti

      p.s: and sorry again for my english!!!

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